Terms and Conditions




Our charters depart from the Rye Pier unless stated otherwise.  Please ensure that you are at the boat no later than 15 minutes before your departure time.  During peak periods we suggest you arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before hand to ensure that you have enough time to get parking and still make it to the boat on time.   If you are coming from a distance during peak season please allow double the normal travel  time it normally would take to be on the safe side EG: from Melbourne to Rye for an afternoon or twilight trip.  SHOULD YOU NOT ARRIVE ON TIME WE CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU AND YOU WILL FORFEIT ANY MONEY PAID OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED AS A NO SHOW.  WE ARE UNABLE TO WAIT FOR LATECOMERS.


All bookings made with our office will require at least one contact number (MUST BE A MOBILE PHONE NUMBER) and a credit card number as security.

 For bookings made online payment is required at the time of you making a booking via PayPal.   Cancellation of these online bookings will require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for a refund to occur.  Any charters cancelled by us due to weather will either be rescheduled to a time agreeable by both parties or a refund will be issued at our discretion.

 Cancellation Fees

Our cancellation policy is as follows

Small groups <5 persons – We require min 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or change of numbers. You will be charged for anyone in your group who is missing if you have not given enough notice for us to try and refill the spot

 Larger groups >5 Persons – We require 48 hours’ notice of cancellation or change of numbers.  You will be charged for anyone in your group who is missing if you have not given enough notice for us to try and refill the spot

 Private Charters: We require a full 7 days’ notice to get your deposit back unless we cancelled due to weather.  For all private charters cancelled you will be charged a $50.00 administration fee.




Payment for mixed charters booked via our office are payable at commencement of each charter this can be done via cash, Visa, MasterCard or eftpos. 

Private charters require 50% deposit at the time of booking to secure your booking this can be paid via Bank Deposit, Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

Balance of private charters is payable on commencement of the charter either by cash, Visa, MasterCard or eftpos

All bookings made through our website will have been paid in full via PayPal.  We do not charge any eftpos or credit card surcharges

The person making the booking is responsible for the payment of the entire amount.



All details obtained from clients i.e. telephone numbers, email address, postal address, facsimile number, credit card and bank account details, are for the express purpose of the operations of Timeout Fishing Charters. These details are never sold, distributed or released to any other parties or bodies. In the instance of dishonored cheques or unauthorized credit cards these details WILL be forwarded to legal or recovery professionalsWe use NetBookings P/L as our business management system to store all personal information. Any information held by NetBookings P/L is held secure in a manner designed to protect information from internal and external access by anyone other than specifically authorized staff. For further information on NetBookings P/L Privacy Policy, please refer to their website netbookings.com.au


Duty of Care / Safety

All customers will be given a full safety and security brief at the start of each fishing trip as part of our duty of care, if you do not understand something then please ask us to repeat it. 

 Customers need to highlight if they have a pre-existing medical condition and if need be discuss any medication that may be required in case of emergency.  Customers will be asked to compete a liability release form if a condition is present. 

Failure to not declare a pre-existing medical condition will be considered negligent and we will take no responsibility should an incident arise.


 Weather Conditions/ cancellations due to weather or lack of Numbers

All bookings are taken subject to suitable weather conditions.  No fishing charter will go ahead if a Gale Weather warning has been issued. (Captains discretion on all other trips). Also trips are subject to having adequate passenger numbers to depart.  Generally if the weather is not looking suitable we will give you a ring the night before to discuss what will be happening. On the occasions where the weather turns unexpectedly, clients will be notified as soon as possible as sometimes the weather is beyond or control.  For Morning charters you will be notified the evening before, for afternoon charters you will be notified by 11am and for Twilight charters you will be notified no later than 4pm.


Hours of Operation

Morning and afternoon trips are available on most days of the year, we will operate Twilight charters at our discretion. For day charters we require a minimum of 4 passengers for tour to operate and a minimum of 6 passengers for a Twilight Charter. Our office hours are 7.45 am till 9 pm 7 days per week.
Christmas Day –  ALL CHARTERS
Mother’s Day -      NO CHARTERS


Recreational Fishing Licence/Size Limits

Fishing Licences are required for all fishing in Victoria including Charter Boats, we take no responsibility should you board our boat without one.  Should we be checked and you do not have one it will be your responsibility to pay any fines applicable with approx. minimum charge being $160.00.  Fishing Licences can be purchased before boarding the boat from the following internet site and is fast and easy, Please go to http://dpi.vic.gov.au/fisheries/recreational-fishing/fishing-licence licence can be printed there and then or stored on your phone.  All children under 18 are exempt from having a licence and there are other exceptions please either ask us upon booking or click on the above link to check.  Please note we also adhere to Fisheries Size limits and bag catch limits, this means if you catch a fish that is to small then it will be returned to the water you will not be able to keep it, each fish species has different bag catch limits, we expect customers to adhere to these also, staff are well versed in this area and will offer you assistance otherwise feel free to familiarize yourself with the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide.


 Behavior & Conduct

Our staff should be treated with respect at all times, they are not to be insulted, sworn at, abused or defamed. The skipper reserves the right to return any individuals to the nearest port with no refund being issued, this includes abuse and harassment.  Our fishing gear is for your use however if it is deliberately abused, damaged or lost overboard you will be charged a fee of $200.00. Please treat our equipment with the respect you would give your own gear.  Also any damage to the boat will be charged to you should you damage it due to carelessness.


 Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol is permitted on board the boat, however it must be consumed in moderation. Moderation to us means one or two cans per person for a trip.  Alcohol must not be in glass, cans only, if glass is brought it will either not be allowed on the boat or we will store it for you until we return to shore.  Any behavior we deem inappropriate, especially on private charters, will result in your charter being cut short and your group being returned to shore.

Drugs in any form will not be allowed on the boat.  If a customer attempts to smoke or consume any illegal substances the skipper will immediately report this to the Marine Police and the trip will be immediately cancelled. No refund will be issued and police will be waiting upon our return.

 Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are issued either via the office or online and are valid for 2 years from date of issue.  Gift voucher must be produced on the day of charter and handed to the captain or a new fare must be paid.   Clients that miss the boat due to arriving late will forfeit their voucher, Clients who fail to arrive for their booked trip will also forfeit their voucher.  If a trip is cancelled by use due to weather or lack of numbers your trip will be rescheduled.  Gift vouchers are not transferable, and cannot be refunded or to be used as part payment for a private charter.


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